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Help mothers and children in need.


Now more than ever, what our people and our world need is peace, love, and unity.

Together, we can help those in need.


All My Sisters Around the World for Peace is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to creating peace through the power of forgiveness and helping mothers and children in need.


There are so many actions we can take to impact our world and those around us with peace. Learn how you can empower your sisters and create peace around you!


From coffee meetings to volunteering, there is so much you can do to strengthen yourself and others with forgiveness and make peace in the world through All My Sisters.

New Project

Sisters Helping Sisters Project 

Since our inception in 2016, All My Sisters has made significant strides in supporting thousands of people in need across Tigray, Ethiopia, and Um Rakuba, Sudan. Now, we are preparing to launch a new project to create economic empowerment programs for 360 impoverished female-headed households in eight cities.

In these independence-building groups, underprivileged female heads of households are engaging in small-scale, income-generating activities so that they can be self-sustaining in different sectors and support their families. We additionally aim to provide mental health support for women and children suffering from wartime trauma.

Our humanitarian duties will also include providing educational resources, food supplies, sanitary products, and other necessities.

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We Have Partnered with GlobalGiving!

We're excited to announce our fundraising campaign on GlobalGiving! Please help us reach our goal by donating any amount and sharing the link on your social media. We appreciate GlobalGiving, which has partnered with us to fundraise for AMSAWP. Together, we can significantly impact the lives of those in need.

Latest Impact

Responding to the Crisis in Tigray 2023

We greatly appreciate everyone for your endless support during this difficult time. Your generous donations of $34k have reached the mothers and children, students, and elderly citizens devastated by the war in Tigray, Ethiopia.

Thank you for continuing to help mothers and children. Peace and humanity have no boundaries.

Giving Back to Our Community

It's the season of giving! All My Sisters recently donated $300 to Hosea Helps, a Georgia-based  nonprofit organization that provides free services for thousands of families and individuals needing assistance.

We're amazed and inspired by the impact Hosea Helps has made, and we couldn't be happier to support.

We rise by lifting others.

Robert Ingersoll

More News

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Tigray, Ethiopia
Support for Mothers and Children in Adi Daro, Axum, and Tambien

$34k sent to mothers and children in need in Adi Daro and Axum, 

malnourished children in Adwa and Tambien, and new and expecting mothers displaced from Western Tigray.

zz (1).JPG
Tigray, Ethiopia
Donations Delivered to Health Workers 
and Teachers

$7.5k was given to those who lost their jobs and health workers in Mekelle hospital, Ayder hospital, and Quiha hospital. These funds have also been allocated to support teachers.

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Relief for Mothers and Children, the Elderly, and more

All My Sisters distributed $10k to mothers and children, victims of sexual assault and rape, disabled people, and the elderly in Tigray, Ethiopia.

For all that we do, see    OUR IMPACT

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