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All My Sisters Around The World For Peace, Inc., is a nonprofit charitable organization established in the state of Georgia on November 29, 2016, within section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We are a women-supporting-women volunteer-led organization empowering people with forgiveness and peace, as well as helping mothers and children in need.


AMSATWFP provides comprehensive educational resources on forgiveness and reconciliation to create peace and stability in our state, nation, and world. Educational resources are given through workshops, seminars, events, and motivational messages to local, national, and global communities.


A world that practices forgiveness and prioritizes human dignity, and where peace is achieved.


To empower women of all ages by providing comprehensive educational resources on forgiveness.

To promote and strengthen dialogue in order to create a mutual, cooperative reconciliation and forgiveness process for all parties involved.


We believe in fortifying women in the areas of Peace, Love, Forgiveness, Tolerance, Respect, Dignity, Acceptance, Equality, Motivation, Inspiration, Mercy, and Kindness.

  • To encourage women of all ages in building a culture of peace, without affiliation to politics or religion, or partiality to color, race, ethnicity, or nationality.

  • To empower women to play a vital role in shaping society by providing forgiveness education through seminars, workshops, and conferences in their communities and around the world.

  • To promote that forgiveness creates better wellness, greater optimism and hope, and less stress.

  • To create an atmosphere where women in every corner of the globe can help each other in times of need, and can help maintain their human dignity.

  • To establish and fortify a network of women in different parts of the world to stay connected and share experiences with a focus on uplifting each other.

  • To work with other nonpolitical and nonreligious organizations on shared causes and to strengthen and sustain a common ground.

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