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An Open Space

Providing sisters with an open space to express their feelings, share educational messages, and forgive and reconcile with each other through seminars and conference calls

Recognition of Effort

Encouraging sisters who voluntarily and wholeheartedly give and accept forgiveness by awarding Certificates of Appreciation


Volunteer of the Year

Recognizing volunteer sisters who demonstrate their commitment to forgiveness and peace and motivate sisters to create peaceful environments around them with the Volunteer of the Year award

Celebration of Life Events

Empowering our sisters around the world by celebrating their life events and birthdays every month



Holding conference calls to encourage sisters and their loved ones and to spread awareness of various issues. In the past, we have held conferences about: 

  • COVID-19 symptoms, with all nurses in AMSATWFP

  • ​Mental Health, with ​Rahel Haile

  • Women's Health, with Dr. Crystal L. Welch

  • Autism and Mental Health Symptoms, with Adhanet M. Zereabruk

  • Breast Cancer, with Dr. Tsega Gebreyesus

  • Violence against Women and Girls, with Dr. Julia Miruts Abraha, DPT

  • COVID-19 experiences, with Abeba Goshu

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