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Help us provide food supplies, sanitary products, and more for people in need in Tigray, E

Our Impact

Since 2016

All My Sisters has influenced many lives with forgiveness and peace, as well as helped mothers in need. Here are the ways we are helping our world community.

  • 2022 - $20k, or 1.1M birr, given to those who lost their jobs; health workers in Mekelle hospital, Ayder hospital, and Quiha hospital; teachers; children in Shire who have been separated from their parents; mothers and their children; victims of sexual assault and rape; the disabled and the elderly

  • 2020 - $1k donated to Ethiopian refugees seeking asylum in Saudi Arabia

  • 2020 - Sisters Helping Sisters | COVID-19 Response: fortifying mothers in need in 8 Tigray refugee sites with $24k, or 1.18M birr, for food, receiving blankets, and sanitary products

  • Holding conference calls to encourage sisters and their loved ones during COVID-19, and to spread awareness of

    • COVID-19 symptoms, with all nurses in AMSATWFP

    • ​mental health, with ​Rahel Haile

    • women's health, with Dr. Crystal L. Welch

    • autism and mental health symptoms, with Adhanet M. Zereabruk

    • breast cancer, with Dr. Tsega Gebreyesus

    • violence against women and girls during COVID-19, through open discussion

    • COVID-19 experiences, with Abeba Goshu

  • 2020 - Officialized Forgiveness Day as a nationally-recognized day of reconciliation through proclamation by Governor Brian Kemp

  • 2019 - Sisters Helping Sisters Project: helped 5,240 new, less fortunate mothers by distributing receiving blankets to 24 hospitals in Ethiopia

  • Providing sisters with an open space to express their feelings, share educational messages, and forgive and reconcile with each other through seminars and conference calls

  • Encouraging sisters who voluntarily and wholeheartedly give and accept forgiveness by awarding Certificates of Appreciation

  • Recognizing volunteer sisters who demonstrate their commitment to forgiveness and peace and motivate sisters to create peaceful environments around them with the Volunteer of the Year award

  • Empowering our sisters around the world by celebrating their life events and birthdays every month

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How Your Funds Help

Thank you for your contributions. Because of you, we can continue to help mothers and children in need.

Beneficiaries: Hosea Helps, to feed and support the hungry and homeless in Atlanta, Georgia

Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 11.00.34 PM.png

BeneficiariesChildren and elders who have been separated from their families by the conflict in Shire, Tigray.

Shire2022 (1).jpg
Shire2022 (1).jpg

Beneficiaries: Mothers and Children, the Disabled, Victims of Sexual Violence, and the Elderly in Tigray, Ethiopia

Screenshot_20220809-132921_Photos (1) (1).jpg

BeneficiariesQuiha Hospital health workers who lost their jobs during the conflict.

BeneficiariesAyder Hospital health workers who lost their jobs during the conflict.

Ayder Hospital.jpg

Beneficiaries: Mekelle Hospital health workers who lost their jobs during the conflict.

mekelle hospital.jpg

Beneficiaries: 200 teachers across Mekelle who lost their jobs during the conflict.

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